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ROOFTEC Dry Ridge Kit System - Universal 6m

£22.95 (ex vat) / Each
£27.54 (inc vat)

Details: Kit


  • 6 meters x 320mm ventilated Ridge roll providing 5000mm2 airflow per linear meter
  • 10 x batten support brackets
  • 13 x ridge unions
  • 13 x 100mm fixing screws
  • 13 x metal clamping plates
  • 26 x plastic clamping clips
  • Universal ridge fixing system
  • Unique jointing system for ultimate versatility
  • Accommodates more known ridge tiles than any other system
  • Can be used with both half round and angled ridges
  • Dry fix is the fastest way to install ridge tiles
  • No wet trades needed
  • Smooth line providing a discreet appearance

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